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So what's a Koolpak, anyway?

It's a Kool collection of 10 functional items, neatly packaged in a single, die cut, laminated 8x10 set.

All you have to do is put 'em to good use.

You get 10 neat individual items -
4 Bag Tags
2- Keyfobs
2- Bookmarks
(All laminated on both sides)

6 Themes to choose from

Get creative - we know you'll find all kinds of neat ways to use your real Photo Koolpaks :-)

Free Shipping   |   No Minimum  |  No Catches

10- Items
America's Pro Koolpak

Great for the student
(or dad)
who loves sports and your picture.

10- Items
Smiley Koolpak

Bold and bright
Smiley faces, peace
and more smiles!

10- Fun Items

Whether graduating from High School or other school, the Grad Photo Koolpak will keep that memory alive!

10- Fun Items

Kool, zooey theme.
Keep those zoo memories

10- Fun Items
Camo Koolpak

Multi color camo fits
every mysterious geography.
Lady camo too!

     10- Fun Items
     Military Koolpak

     What great ways to
     carry your loved one
     whose serving our
     country and to
     constantly keep them in
                                            our thoughts.

10- Fun Items
Holiday Koolpak

Celebrate the Christmas holiday with 10 unique holiday themed items.
Nice gift, by the way.


Includes real photo quality back graphics too.



 "Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. The quality & professionalism you display is hard to come by these days. I have over 5,000 pictures of very good quality, & I am glad I finally found a reputable, trustworthy company."

Janet P.  (Belpre, Ohio)

"Today I'm thankful for HDphoto Lab. I like my pictures on the screen....but LOVE them printed! I actually cried when I saw my last batch of prints!"

June W. (Charleston ,SC)

"I was referred to your site by Rebecca L.  I have been disappointed at last two times I ordered photos (once from Shutterfly & once from Walmart) & I am pleased to have received such great quality photos, as well as quick service.  I will be spreading the word :)."

Sara W. (Kingston,OK)

"...I am extremely impressed with your company. I opened the package.....WOW!!! I was so impressed with the results. I am semi-pro and still taking my classes but building my business. When I saw the photos, I felt like a Pro."

Angela G. (Coatesville, PA)

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